You know according to the French, accidentally stepping in dog poo with your left foot means good luck.

Well maybe that's exactly what's behind the Flyers 3-0 run that they are currently on, after losing 10 games in a row.

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The Flyers haven't lost since a Philadelphia police dog did his business at center ice of the Wells Fargo Center. 

While nobody actually stepped in the poop, the Flyers haven't loss since.

The team has wins in Vegas and Arizona and back home on Tuesday night against New Jersey.

However even after those three wins, the Flyers did not move in the latest power rankings, holding firm at No. 25.

So who is their superpower player? NHL reporter Kristen Shilton identified  every team's "superpower" with Carter Hart being the teams standout player.

The Flyers don't help Hart out much, but the young netminder muddles along well regardless. Philadelphia averages the most shots against in the NHL and Hart still owned a respectable .913 save percentage and 2.91 goals-against average through 17 starts. In short, Hart gives Philadelphia a chance most nights, and that's pretty super.

It does appear that Hart is back to is former self, which is good news for the Flyers and if they can get more consistent scoring, like the past three games, they might just move up this list.

However there is a good possibility that Philadelphia police dog might be the superpower the team needed.

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