Will Major League Baseball start on time next season? That is the biggest question of the offseason. Not who will make decisions for the Mets. Not whether Freddie Freeman returns to Atlanta looking to repeat as champions. Not what Shortstop the Yankees sign (it should unequivocally be Corey Seager). It is is whether or not the season will start in April next year. Make sure to listen to Tim Kurkjian wrap up the season in the full interview above. For an excerpt on why he believes MLB needs to resolve this quickly, read below!

"Logically you have to say they are going to play and start on time because there is so much money to lose if they don't. They're behind football, basketball and probably hockey now in a lot of ways baseball is, this is not the time for a work stoppage. Having said that, the two sides are not close."

It didn’t take long for a potential Jets quarterback controversy to be over with after one game. Mike White who was the savior in a win against the Bengals threw a touchdown pass to Elijah Moore in the first quarter but then injured his right forearm and never returned. The Jets defense had absolutely no answers for running back Jonathan Taylor and the Colts offense, and Jets fans watched their team turn in an ugly performance against the Colts. Would White have made a difference had he not gotten injured, is a question that will never be answered. Rookie quarterback Zach Wilson might be ready to return against the Bills on November 14th, and head coach Robert Salah needs to start him.

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