Buckle up everyone, here comes the "I gotta be better" post game presser...

The Philadelphia Eagles "franchise" Quarterback turned the ball over a career high four times (two Interceptions, two fumbles) at Lincoln Financial Field against the Seattle Seahawks and their MVP candidate Russell Wilson on Sunday.

Injuries?! we talkin Injuries?!

The Eagles, as we all know, went into this game with a sold out venue inside the medical blue tent.

When you lose All Pro level players at key positions, it is not an excuse, but a legitimate factor contributing to the team not playing at a certain level. But it is time for everyone to hold this team, the head coach, the GM, and most importantly the quarterback, accountable for the product that has been put out on the field, especially the one we have watched vs Seattle and New England.

There has been overblown takes both for and against Carson, but I don't understand why we always have to pick sides. Carson has not been good. Period. That can be true even though he is missing play makers and the play calling can certainly be called in to question.

Where in the World is 2017 Carson Wentz?

Sunday vs Seattle: 33/45, two interceptions, two fumbles, and I guess one TD...

Wentz has been abysmal, he missed easy throws and open receivers. He stared down his targets, and seemed scared and tense in the pocket, as well as taking sacks that could easily have been avoided. We have talked a lot on the Sportsbash about Wentz and if he really is the guy we thought he was becoming in 2017 before the injury in LA. I haven't seen that guy since that day, if you find him please let me know.


Head Coach Doug Pederson after the game "this game is not about Carson Wentz"... STOP IT DOUG!!! 45 called pass plays, 18 called run plays. On the other side of the ball, they have the luxury of having an MVP under center, 25 passes, 26 runs.

Don't give me "WELL YOU HAVE TO THROW THE BALL WHEN YOU ARE DOWN" AND  "Seattle milked the clock with a lead" excuses. The play calling once again, for a lot of reasons, seems Vanilla (as Coach Brett Brown would say).

You were in this game from start to finish, get creative with the play calling and understand the tools that you have to work with. 15 touches for your lone weapon Miles Sanders, 12 runs averaging over five yards a clip, why not go down swinging with Miles? Why not give him 20 carries? Or even 20 touches?

45 times Doug decided to put the ball in Carson Wentz hands, the problem was his hands were too slippery. As the kids say, it was clear that Carson "didn't want no smoke" on Sunday. The confidence is not there, and the most frustrating aspect of all of this, is the laundry list of injuries that has been sustained on the offense side of the ball. If you don't have the right guys around you on offense, it makes your job as a quarterback much more challenging than it already is, and it is expected that you will struggle more than you would with a full deck of cards.


ELITE Quarterbacks seem to always find a way to elevate the guys around them. ELITE Quarterbacks seem to "bend but not break" and figure out a way to make that ONE play that changes the landscape of a game and get their team a win. When a receiver was open, Carson missed him, when Carson actually made a throw or a play, the receiver did not make the play on the other end.

There is a way to play and call the game when your team is banged up and the field is filled with backups. Great coaches and great Quarterbacks ADAPT, ADJUST, AND OVERCOME in these situations to keep the ship afloat. The defense has been keeping you in these games and you do have glimpses of success moving the ball. Yet no one (especially number 11), seems to have the guts and determination to step up and rise above any adversity that gets thrown their way.

Fundamentals & Mentally Checked Out

I said very early in the year, that this time just might not have "IT". That they may not possess the fundamentals and discipline that good teams need to have in order to be successful.

Derrick Gunn, long time Eagles reporter for NBC Sports Philadelphia said the following after the game Sunday "It is clear that a lot of players seemed completely checked out mentally."

Miles Sanders after the game "A lot of mental mistakes.."

Sorry I'm NOT Sorry...

I am done apologizing for this team, and I urge you to do the same. Stop screaming "injuries" stop screaming "drops" and stop screaming "weak schedule to finish the year." Are you watching the same team? What gives you any confidence this team can run the table and get a win against a good Dallas team? Seattle was begging Carson Wentz to make one play to send them home with a loss, he could not do it.

What happened to the "dog masks"? What happened to "next man up" mentality? What happened to the heart and fight of this team? All I know is that something needs to change and it needs to change fast. If not, the "new norm" that Doug Pederson talked about is going to quite different than we thought it was going to be...


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