Some changes are happening at New Jersey's state park campgrounds beginning in 2024. One, in particular, is slated to remain closed for the new year.

Now to be clear, this doesn't mean the individual state parks will be closed. The park that's affected by this will remain open for other activities such as hiking and fishing.

The campground affected is part of New Jersey's oldest state park still in operation. Although campers will be missing out at this particular spot in 2024, rest assured that all of New Jersey's other state park campsites are unaffected by this.

Here's a look at all the New Jersey state park campsites that are still in operation, some of which are open year-round, along with the location that's affected by the closure in 2024.

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A look at all of New Jersey's state park campgrounds, plus one that will not reopen in 2024.

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Swartswood State Park

This one might seem a little surprising. Swartswood's campgrounds, which are very popular in the summer, are expected to remain closed throughout the 2024 season.

But it's for a very good reason. The state park will be updating its outdated bathroom and shower facility.

According to a state park official, the campsites are not allowed to operate without the proper facilities and must shut down so vital upgrades can be made. The campsites are expected to reopen at a later date.

Swartswood State Park is the oldest operating state park in New Jersey and is a very popular location for camping.

Dennis Malloy / Townsquare Media
Dennis Malloy / Townsquare Media

Kittatinny Valley State Park

Previously, the Kittatinny Valley State Park campsites were not available for online reservations, but that has since been corrected. The Kittatinny Valley State Park Campgrounds will be available for reservations beginning April 1, 2024.

According to a DEP Press Officer, “The State Park Service continually evaluates the popularity of various activities in our state parks and forests and possible changes in use of underutilized areas. Presently, there is no plan to discontinue the availability of camping at Kittatinny Valley State Park.”

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