As spring finally brings beautiful colors to The Garden State, we finally feel like we deserve our proud nickname. And one of the most beautiful things we associate with spring is the cherry blossoms here in New Jersey.

They actually rival those of Washington, D.C., and even those of Japan, yet somehow there are so many here who have yet to even see them.

The timing of cherry blossom blooms varies depending on location, with 2024 predicting peak blossoms during the first two weeks of April. Though the blossoms dazzle for what seems like only a minute, this season itself spans several weeks. From late March, through April. So this is the time.

Dennis Malloy photo
Dennis Malloy photo

The swift transition is one of the things that gives the cherry blossoms such a magical appearance. The first time I saw them I was shocked to realize that they were right here in New Jersey.

That’s why you’ve got to plan your visit. Timing is key. New Jersey Digest suggests 12 of the best places to see them. I’ve included my favorite here.

Hillel Park is a place that I have been passionate about for all of the years I’ve lived in New Jersey, which is most of my life.

Venturing into the beautiful scenery of Monmouth County Park you will find the
hidden gem of the David C. Shaw Arboretum.

Here, an array of trees showcases the natural foliage thriving in the heart of New Jersey. There is so much beauty to see here, but the cherry blossoms stand out giving a vibrant wash of color to the arboretum each spring.

If you’ve never been to Holmdel Park, you should visit it anyway— blossoms or not. But the cherry blossoms transform the woodland into something out of a beautiful painting.
Now is the time.

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