Bethenny Frankel says she feels a little guilty that she got to see Taylor Swift and The Eras Tour in concert this past weekend in Philadelphia. The 52-year-old reality TV star, who is reportedly worth $80 million, revealed in a social media post that she got free tickets to the Friday night (May 12)'s concert at Lincoln Financial Field.

In a TikTok video posted to social media on Tuesday, Frankel said a money manager in Philadelphia gave her tickets to the show.

"It was an incredible experience — especially on Mother's Day Weekend — with my daughter," Frankel said in the video. "I'm not ride or die Taylor and my daughter isn't either. We had such an incredible experience. (Taylor) is a positive role model."

Frankel acknowledged the struggles of the middle class who wanted to see the show, but couldn't afford it.

Tickets were averaging at least $1,200 on the popular ticket resale websites, with many tickets going for over $2,000.

"Concert going is becoming an elitist sport," the Real Housewives of New York City star said in the video.

"It occurred to me... it definitely felt privileged. I felt a little bit of guilt (for attending the concert). I heard stories of people that couldn't get tickets," Frankel said acknowledging the fans who couldn't get in.

Many of those fans, of course, stood in the Philadelphia sports complex parking lots just to hear Taylor Swift perform the songs from afar.

"The people in the parking lot are probably the workhorses of Taylor Swift. They got her to where she is," Frankel acknowledged their fandom before offering a possible solution to the ongoing ticketing issues.

"They should raise the prices (as expensive as they are) and do a "Toms version" for concerts," she said referring to the 'one for one' model that the popular shoe company implemented from 2006-2019.

Between 2006 and 2019, Toms promised to deliver a pair of free shoes to a child in need for every sale of their retail product. Warby Parker eyeglasses have a similar program in place.

As for the concert industry, Frankel said it should you buy a ticket and they give away a ticket.

"The messages of people who wanted to go to the show, but couldn't afford the outrageous tickets broke my heart," she said. "Someone who is in the middle class shouldn't think that they could never in their wildest dreams afford to go to a concert."

As for Frankel, she said that she and her husband Paul gave away tickets they had to Taylor's upcoming concerts in Massachusetts to a mother and daughter "who really needed it."

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