The New York Yankees are desperately attempting to stay relevant in the American League East or at least the Wild Card race. Three times in two weeks, the Bronx Bombers fired duds putting games away with leads in the 8th inning.

Do you remember when the Yankees had a chance to roll into the All Star break by sweeping the Astros and had a 5 run lead going into the bottom of the 9th, only to give up a 6 spot in the inning and lost 8-7? Do you need a refresher on what happened on Thursday night in the first game of the four game disaster against Boston when Brooks Kriske threw away a 10th inning victory?

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We have all seen teams collapse like the Yankees have been and unfortunately, they don't turn it around too easily. Teams that continuously blow leads seem to play the game scared. Anyone remember the collapse of the 2007 New York Mets? They had a 7 game lead in the National League East with 17 games to play. If your dugout is afraid that the game is going to fall apart, then it probably will. Some are convinced that Mets collapse is the reason that Willie Randolph never got another managerial opportunity in the Major Leagues.

The best thing the Yankees could do right now would be to drastically shake some thing up. GM Brian Cashman had repeatedly said that he will not fire Aaron Boone in the middle of the season. Heck, the Jeff Wilpon led Mets fired Randolph in the middle of the night, ridiculously thinking they would avoid headlines. Winning is hard. Sometimes you have to ruffle feathers and shake things up.

Cashman is going to catch flack no matter what he does until the Yankees win. Yankees NEED bullpen help. Pay the Cubs whatever they want for Craig Kimbrel and don't stop there. Pitching wins. Do what you have to do to win that Wild Card and roll from there.

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