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Even though the 2024 Major League Baseball season is still a little over four months away, the sportsbooks are giving you an opportunity to jump in on some interesting odds now on teams they think will win each of the pennants.

After going 82-80 during the 2023 season and missing the playoffs, where do the New York Yankees fit into the picture for 2024?

The Houston Astors and Texas Rangers are the current favorites to win the American League Pennant. The Yankees have odds of +1500 at the Draft Kings sportsbook in New Jersey and are one of the betting favorites in the American League, despite the fact that they missed the playoffs, and that there were three better teams in their own division that made the playoffs in 2023. 

A.L. East champion, and A.L. No. 1 seed Baltimore, is still getting little love from the sports books in NJ, with odds of +1500 to win the World Series, which is the same odds the Yankees currently have.

Which brings us to the next two teams, both from the AL East. The Toronto Blue Jays (+1700) and Tampa Bay Rays (+1900) have slightly worse odds than the Yankees (+1500), interesting when you think that all three teams that made the playoffs from the A.L. East have the same, or worse odds than New York. 

Two AL West teams, Texas (+900) and Houston (+900), both of which made the AL Championship Series, with Texas winning the World Series, are the only other teams in the AL with shorter odds than New York.

Interestingly, in the National League, the Atlanta Braves (+700) and Los Angeles Dodgers (+750) have the lowest odds of any team on the board.  The team that represented the National League in the World Series, Arizona (+3000) is pretty much a long shot to return, with odds longer than Atlanta, LA, Philadelphia (+1100), San Diego (+1800), the Mets (+2000), and the Chicago Cubs (+2800) all have shorter odds than Arizona. 

After them, the team I find intriguing, and maybe one you might not first guess: the Cincinnati Reds at +4000 with NJ bet apps like be365.

Clearly, sportsbooks think the top spending teams will continue to make moves during the offseason to improve their teams. 

For bettors who want to throw out the two favorites, that means a lot of value for the other teams. Baltimore, Philadelphia, Toronto, Tampa Bay, are all playoff teams with plenty of value entering 2024. 

The Yankees are heading into December at +1500, which if you have faith in them, are very tempting odds for a team that can make a big splash this offseason and go from 82 wins to 100 wins. 

But any team you bet will give you value this far out if they win.

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