Joe Judge has become nails on the chalkboard to me. His press conferences are just as ridiculous and pathetic as their play on the field the last 5 weeks. In terms of his job security, I think at this point owner John Mara should just clean house. I don't think he wants to but he needs to. Judge deserves a lot of blame for where this team is at right now. The Jets meanwhile have doubled their win total from last year and look to have a foundation being set by their GM. The defense needs a lot more talent so GM Joe Douglas will need to address that to save his job but it seems like the Jets have improved more than the Giants. Mark Cannizzaro addressed that on Big Board Sports and you can listen to that above!

Ben Roethlisberger will walk into the Hall of Fame when his career is over, and his illustrious career will end when this season is over. Big Ben is beloved in Pittsburgh by the fans and the organization because both are blue collar. Big Ben’s victory lap after Monday’s nights was fitting. Pittsburgh stands up for hard work, and Big Ben came ready to play at the highest level every time he stepped on the field, and the fans appreciated that. He won’t go down as the greatest of all time, because that stage belongs to Tom Brady. Roethlisberger won two Super Bowls and will be remembered for his toughness, and his ability to lead the Steelers to big wins year after year. Watching the Steelers next year without Roethlisberger at quarterback will take some getting used too.

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