The Phillies are currently in limbo due to the Marlins COVID-19 Outbreak which postponed Philadelphia's Home and Away Four Game series this week with the New York Yankees.  Wednesday marks the second straight day the Phillies players and coaches did not test positive for COVID-19.

But Phillies Manager Joe Girardi still expressed concerns about the situation his team has faced in the aftermath of the Marlins situation when he joined MLB Network Radio on SiriusXM

"My fear always is, if there's one person who has it, there's probably more - There were some anxious moments for me today not knowing the results I'd get for my team. I think it's really smart for baseball to wait one more day just because the incubation period is 2 to 14 days....I know we can't wait 14 days - but I think we have to be really smart about this. After thinking about it, I think this could happen more than one time with an organization."

Girardi was also asked if he would feel comfortable taking the field if this Marlins situation were to happen again, Joe's answer was very candid:

"I don't think so. The fact that we haven't had anyone test positive yet is great, but there's too much at stake when you talk about players and their health and their family's health. There are guys that have little children at home or wives that are pregnant or have a parent that are high risk. There's too much at risk here not to say, 'hey, we've got to back off for two days and let's make sure.' I think it's smart what baseball is doing here and then we'll go from there."

Girardi also said he would be fine if the Phillies or other teams don't get to play the full 60 game season:

"If everyone doesn't play 60 games, that's alright. We want to get to the playoffs. If a team plays 57 games, you go by winning percentage to take the playoff teams."

If everything goes as planned and the Phillies continue to test negative, the expectation is they would resume playing this weekend at Citizens Bank Park versus the Blue Jays.

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