Back on November 7, I wrote of piece explaining that the Eagles were in the thick of a playoff race.

It was greeted with a lot of unoriginal GIF's of Jim Mora, with most people mocking the Eagles possibility to make the NFC playoff field.

Explaining math doesn't mean the Eagles are a good team, it could very well signal that the competition surrounding the Eagles simply isn't very good.

Well fast-forward four weeks and the Eagles are still in the thick of a playoff race.

In fact as they reach their bye week at 6-7, they are currently just .5 games out of the No. 6 and 7 spot and the team will be no worse than a game out of a wildcard spot, possibly even tied for the sixth seed in the NFC when they return to the field against Washington on Dec. 19.

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"I think obviously I would like to be in better shape," admitted Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni on Monday. "There are some games out there that we feel like we could have got earlier in the year that we didn't."

"But our job is to try to win every single game, so my mind is in a mindset of whatever we got to do to win each and every game, that's what we're going to do. And so, I don't want to look at it as ahead of schedule. All I really care about is getting a little bit better each day."


Sirianni was asked how far ahead of schedule the team is from when got to Philadelphia and essentially took over a team that was rebuilding.

"We have a formula of how we want to do this," Sirianni stated. "For the teams that do that, that puts you on schedule of being the best team that you can be that year with the guys and the coaches and the players that you have on that team."

"And so, I like the progression we're on, because I do believe that that's what we've done each day, is just getting a little bit better."

For the Eagles to make the playoffs they essentially will need to be the best team in the NFC East the rest of the season. The team has two games left with the Washington Football Team, one with New York and one with Dallas. gives the Eagles a 37.9% chance to make the NFC field:

The Eagles' remaining schedule isn't as friendly as it once looked, considering it includes two games against surging Washington, but Sunday's rout against the Jets kept them in position to capitalize if either of the NFC wild-card teams falters. The Eagles have a bye in Week 14 before facing the first of those two games against Washington in Week 15. FPI says Philadelphia has a 37.9% chance of finishing the season in a playoff spot.

Ahead of Philadelphia in the current playoff standings after Week 13 is San Francisco, who has the head-to-head tie-breaker over the Eagles.  ESPN gives the 49ers a 68.6% chance to win the game and Washington a 40.2% chance to get into the playoff field.

Things with Washington are interesting.  They have two games with Philadelphia, two games with Dallas, along with one game left with the Giants.

Do Eagles fans root for Dallas in both games against Washington?

Do Eagles fans want Washington to beat Dallas twice and take a swing at the division title?

Do you hope the two teams split their games?

Regardless of what happens with Washington and Dallas, as I said four weeks ago, like it or not, the Eagles are in the thick of a playoff race.

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