Francisco Lindor has never played under this much pressure in his MLB career, and he’s playing in New York where the media attention is non-stop. Lindor broke a 0-26 slump on Thursday and walked three games, maybe that gets him going. There have been many good players over the year that just couldn’t handle the intense scrutiny of playing on the biggest stage in baseball. And when you’re making $341 million and not hitting, you’re going to hear it from the fans. Welcome to New York.

Tim Kurkjian had an interesting answer when we asked him about Lindor's struggles. Listen above to that as well as where Tim thinks Albert Pujols will end up. We will map out his answer on Lindor below as well:

  • It has been up to 11 games without a RBI or extra base hit for Lindor and he has been putting his head down almost wondering when it is going to end. He is going to come out of it but it sure is frustrating.
  • Now Tim did let us know that a manager that he has talked to has told him that he looks awfully big. Not fat big but he has gotten a little bulky and the swing has slowed down a little bit. If your bat is slow with the way pitching is nowadays, you basically have no chance and that has lead to a lot of soft outs which we are not accustomed to seeing from a guy like Lindor.
  • This game is so hard to play but anyone of Lindor's caliber having a stretch like this really proves that fact!

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