Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York Yankees Team President Randy Levine, and Mets Team President Sandy Alderson announced that starting Wednesday, May 19th both the Yankees and Mets will raise the capacity limit from 20% to 100% for vaccinated fans.

During Cuomo's press conference the latest batch of good news for Yankees and Mets fans waiting for a chance to see their teams in person was shared. Starting on May 19th vaccinated fans will no longer have to concern themselves with reduced capacity at either Yankee Stadium or Citi Field.

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Governor Cuomo was quoted in the USA Today saying: “Theoretically if you had 100% vaccinated, you could fill the entire stadium with 100% vaccinated,” Cuomo said. “Unvaccinated, it is still the 6-foot social distancing. In other words, our capacity restrictions have been relaxed subject to the federal CDC social-distancing guideline of 6 feet.”

The good news doesn't stop there. For people looking to get vaccinated. The Johnson and Johson vaccine will even be offered at both ballparks and fans that get one will even get free tickets. I get my second Pfizer shot on Saturday and will be buying tickets to an upcoming game ASAP. I miss Yankee Stadium so much. Last year is the first season I've missed in about twenty years.

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