When it comes to New York Yankees' outfielder, Brett Gardner, it's never going to be a show. It's never going to be an "all about me" move, or a show of excessive emotion. He's simply not that player, and not that guy.

He is, however, an extreme competitor, and a grizzled veteran. So, if he sees an opportunity to make a point, he will still find a way to make his feelings known.

Sunday night in the Bronx, he did this:

This thumbs down gets a HUGE thumbs up from New York Yankees fans, and gets another one added in from me.

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The subtlety of this move by Gardner is the true genius of it. If you're just joining us, Gardner's downward-facing digit is the latest in a long line of thumbs down-related incidents for the New York Mets.

After being (rightfully) booed by their home crowd, certain Mets players began to throw the thumbs-down around after hits, home runs and strikeouts. The two players that found themselves in the middle of that controversy were the same two players who were involved in the drama on Sunday: Javier Baez and Francisco Lindor.

The two became entrenched in a miniature war between the team and its fans, and were forced to give a canned apology in order to take some of the heat off of themselves and the team. Wanting to show his feelings about the situation at hand, but not wanting to start a fight or create a big show, Brett Gardner added another thumb into the mix.

The centerfielder's thumbs down gesture was one of a number of compelling storylines from the latest installment of the Subway Series. The Mets' bats came alive in a big way over the weekend, taking two of three from the Yankees, all while both franchises, and New Yorkers everywhere, remembered the fallen from September 11th.

It was a series filled with emotion and intensity, yet it was the more subtle move by Brett Gardner that stole a few headlines.

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