Giants are a very bad football team, and head coach Joe Judge needs to be held accountable. There is no reason why the Giants should be embarrassed by the Los Angeles Rams, but that’s what happened. Giants were embarrassed on the same Sunday they honored Former Giants head coach Tom Coughlin and the 2011 Super Bowl winning team. The biggest mistake the Giants made was getting rid off Coughlin. It’s been a disaster ever since.

Sal Pal let us know how he felt about the Giants debacle at MetLife Stadium this past week and said that they are being too passive defensively and need to blitz more than they have been. He also said this when I brought up the fact that the silver lining of the game was Tom Coughlin's speech:

"Hire him back! Get him involved in the organization in some way! Obviously he is retired from the game and he's been dealing with a lot of family issues with the health of his wife. But boy oy boy hire somebody like that back who can create inspiration, light a fire under these people and hold them accountable week in and week out because that is simply not happening. Joe Judge, this is a guy that I have to agree when he challenges his team at halftime in a game in which they are down 28-3...this is New York and there is a level of expectation of excellence all the we may like the idea of can we really go move on from the coach, GM and QB...well it is NY and there is an expectation of success."

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