Simply by being located in New Jersey, the topic of MetLife Stadium automatically stirs up controversy. MetLife is the home of the Giants and Jets, two New York sports teams, something that infuriates those who are sticklers for geography.

Location isn't the only reason that MetLife gets a bad reputation, however, as the quality of the playing surface has been an issue numerous times in the past. Players such as Odell Beckham Jr. (keep that name in mind for later), Joey Bosa and more have complained about the poor quality of the turf, blaming catastrophic lower-body injuries on its uneven surface.

Reports have surfaced that change is finally coming to the turf at MetLife Stadium, just in time for the New York Giants to use that information as leverage.

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New Turf to Be Installed at MetLife Stadium, Benefitting Giants and Jets

A report from ESPN's Jordan Raanan, a friend of The Drive with Charlie and Dan, detailed plans for the turf at MetLife Stadium to be replaced in 2023, bringing an end to years of complaints about the quality of playing surface at the home of the New York Giants and Jets.

It's a good news-bad news situation for New York's football teams, as the team is currently reviewing other types of synthetic surfaces, as opposed to using grass. It's a step in the right direction, but necessarily the step all parties were hoping for.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
A view of MetLife Stadium / Getty Images

None of the details of this transition are finalized, leaving time for the Giants to change their mind again, and use grass moving forward. ESPN notes that the NFL and its Players Association have been vocal about moving to all grass across the league, regardless of stadiums being indoor or outdoor.

Either way, the transition to a new surface, whatever it is, will happen for next season. The New York Giants and Jets will go from playing on one of the worst fields in the league, according to statistics referenced by New York Giants' safety Julian Love, to one of the league's best.

All of this brings about an interesting question in my mind: can the Giants and Jets use this to their advantage this offseason?

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
Odell Beckham Jr. following an injury at MetLife Stadium in 2014 / Getty Images

Let's use Odell Beckham Jr. as an example. OBJ has been one of the most vocal critics of the turf at MetLife Stadium, and as you can see in the photo above, he probably has a valid argument.

The Giants are one of the teams that are vying for the services of the star wide receiver right now, and have a decent chance of signing him to a contract. If Beckham knows that the issues with the turf, one of his main gripes while playing for Big Blue, will be resolved in the near future, will he be more inclined to return to the Giants?

And, will other players across the league be more inclined to sign with either team after the conclusion of the 2022 campaign?

It remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: it can't hurt to have less of a chance to get hurt.

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