WrestleMania is the biggest event in the world of Pro wrestling or even all of sports entertainment. So when you get a featured match on the WrestleMania 37 lineup you've made it, but to take that a step farther when you perform at the level former Saratoga high school wrestling standout and current United States Champion Matt Riddle did in his match against Sheamus you're ready to be a legit star.

To call this match "brutal" is an understatement. Sheamus aka "The Celtic Warrior" is 6'4 and 260 plus pounds, not to mention he's held just about every title in the WWE. Riddle's measurables being two inches shorter and about 50 pounds lighter at 6'2 216 pounds would make you think the larger man known for violence in the ring would be able to bully the reigning United States Champion. However, with a background in wrestling as well as MMA, everyone's favorite "BRO" gave it just as good as he got it Sunday night.

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Sadly the night and his reign as US Champ ended with a "Brouge Kick" to the face during an attempt at yet another spectacular high flying move from Riddle.

Sheamus got to gloat after the win but it's clear we haven't seen the end of this rivalry just yet.

WWE Monday Night Raw the day after WrestleMania is always one of the biggest shows of the year so you can look forward to Riddle making an appearance tonight.

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