The Buffalo Bills host the Seattle Seahawks this weekend and former Seahawks linebacker and childhood Bills fan Lofa Tatupu doesn't think the Bills have any chance. You read that right, no chance. Quick reminder that Lofa is a host of the "Bleav in Seahawks" podcast on the Bleav podcast network but this doesn't sound like bias, this sounds like confidence.

Lofa Tatupu did in fact grow up as a Bills' fan but as he put it when asked about how he could pick the Seahawks so strongly over the Bills he said "Thurman Thomas isn't coming through that door!" Lofa said the one way the Bills could beat the Seahawks would be to keep Russell Wilson on the sideline and win the turnover battle. Which sounds a lot like coach speak for "your chances are slim and none and slim just left town." So just remember that even though I picked the Seahawks this week I didn't go as strong as Lofa did so save some of your Bills lovin, table smashing beer chugging hate for him too lol.

Tatupu also explains what makes Seahawks Wide Receiver DK Metcalf so special. Metcalf's unique blend of size, speed and skill is almost impossible to find a comparison for. Putting Metcalf together with fellow Wide Out Tyler Lockett and Quarterback Russell Wilson and it's hard to envision a team keeping this offense in check.

Listen to Lofa Tatupu's full interview below.

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