As if trying to figure out whether or not your favorite NFL franchise is going to make the postseason isn't stressful enough NBC Sports upped the ante by adding Steve Kornacki. Kornacki gained a lot of love for his analysis of the 2020 Presidential Election so NBC decided to bring him in to help decipher the odds for each team to make the playoffs.

Kornacki's intense and fast-paced delivery is super informative but I felt my anxiety rising the entire time he was on TV.

The way he points out the increase in New York Giants' playoff odds going from 32% to 45% like they just gained 13 Electoral College Votes made me proud I voted... or should I say bet on Big Blue. The way he foreshadows the Washington Football Team game against the Pittsburgh Steelers makes me feel like the entire election for the Giants is riding on tonight's game. As if I didn't already sweat the upcoming matchup between the Las Vegas Raiders and Indianapolis Colts to hear it broken down by the same guy in the same style that the election was broken down makes it feel like life or death! I couldn't be the only one that started to feel my pulse race while Kornacki was running through the odds and percentages.

I think I'll stick with the ESPN NFL Live crews breakdown of the playoff odds for now. My heart can't take the frenetic pace of Mr. Steve Kornacki.

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