The Knicks still are the team that gets the most attention in New York City. Ahead of their matchup with the Nets, Coach Thibs announced that Kemba Walker was not only taken out of the starting lineup, but he will be out of the entire rotation for now. That is a big move and could be risky since Walker is a former All-Star and a big part of their free agency this past offseason. He can still score and hopefully can find himself while out of the rotation because they need a player with his offensive prowess. Michael Rapaport is a big Knicks fan and talked to us about his team and his career. If you missed it, you can listen to it above!

When the Mets landed Steve Cohen as their new owner, you knew he would not be concerned with money because he’s got plenty of it. Who knows if the record $130 million dollar 3 year deal he gave to Max Scherzer is doing to workout long term, but he does not care. Cohen wants to win it all next season, and spending top dollar to lure Scherzer gives the Mets the best 1-2 combination in the game. Scherzer and Jacob deGrom atop the rotation looks and sounds awfully good, and in Cohen’s mind well worth the money spent. Not many teams could afford to spend that kind of money for one player, but Cohen has it, and is willing to spend it. Good for the Mets and their fan base.

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