Daniel Jones has structural damage in his neck. Daniel Jones will not play this weekend against the Los Angeles Chargers. Daniel Jones' season currently hangs in the balance.

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Regardless of if he returns to the field this season, this year has quickly become a lost one for Daniel Jones and the New York Giants. Not only that, but the same questions that surrounded "Danny Dimes" heading into 2021, currently surround him now.

So, where do we go from here?

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Daniel Jones Was Supposed to be the "Next Eli Manning"

Drafted 6th overall in the 2019 NFL Draft, Jones was heralded as the next franchise quarterback for the New York Giants.

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Well, by some. Others pointed to his relative inaccuracy with his college program, Duke, as a cause for concern. That said, he was called into action as a rookie in 2019, replacing Eli Manning, who was benched by then-head coach, Pat Shurmur. Jones would put up promising numbers in 13 games, throwing for over 3,000 yard and 24 touchdowns, both of which are still career highs.

The outright starter heading into 2020, Jones was...eh, alright. His passing touchdown numbers plummeted, while his interceptions stayed roughly the same. He missed two games in 2020, and is back on the shelf for a second time in 2021.

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Three years down, and no steady progress made.

Three Seasons Down, One Injury-Prone QB Remains

The three-year mark is an extremely important one for a young player in the NFL. An NFL entry-level contract has four seasons guaranteed, with an option for a fifth year given to the team. It's commonplace for teams to "pick up the fifth year" for the young players before they enter their fourth year in the league, to give both the player and the team security.

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There's a good word to dig in on. Security. You have a quarterback that, admittedly, started to turn heads in his rookie year. Then, a change of guard as the head coach and offensive coordinator, and his offensive productivity (especially in the red zone) has fallen off a cliff. You have a serious decision to make about your franchise running back, your long-time tight end, and essentially, your entire offensive line.

A lot of those decisions hinge on what you choose to do with Daniel Jones, and whether you pick up that fifth year option or not. You have to decide if you want security or not.

Do you feel secure with Daniel Jones as your quarterback, New York Giants fans?

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