“As a player there’s some things I’d be frustrated about, too.”

I read this quote in Mike Vaccaro's article in the New York Post this morning about the New York Giants' embarrassing loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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This quote is from Joe Judge, head coach of the New York Giants, and long-time coach with Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. As many football fans know, the Patriots are all-business, and will never trash a member of their own, or a member of another team, in front of the microphone.

This comment, however, is about the closest you'll ever see Joe Judge get to criticizing a member of his staff. The comment was directed at offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, and as it turns out, he is no longer a member of the New York Giants' organization.

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Plainly and simply put, this is the correct move, and nobody would've batted an eyelash if you did this weeks ago after the Los Angeles Rams blew your doors off.

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The capabilities of the players on the Giants' offense, and the capabilities of Garrett as a play-caller, are two drastically different things. Garrett is very conservative, not overly unique, and will stick to his guns no matter what the game calls for.

The Giants, however, have a number of dynamic players, almost all of whom are being used incorrectly. Karadius Toney's insane athleticism is only showcased once or twice a game. Daniel Jones is fed to the wolves with repetitive pass calls. Kenny Golladay is simply ignored for most of the game every week.

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None of this could continue, and the Giants FINALLY made the right call.

Former Cleveland Browns' head coach Freddie Kitchens will assume the role of play-caller for the time being, though quite frankly, a mop with a bucket for a head would've made me feel better about my team's chances of scoring points.

Go Blue!

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