There has been plenty of outside opinion on what the Sixers and Daryl Morey should do with Ben Simmons.

Many Sixers fans all over Atlantic City, South Jersey and the Delaware Valley are ready to move on from Simmons. A lot of people who listen to the Sports Bash have made it known they would take just about anything at this point to make the Simmons sage go away.

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But what does one of Simmons's teammates think about all the noise and the team not having a three-time All-Star, who helped them earn the No. 1 seed a season ago, out on the floor helping them this season.

Danny Green addressed that in the latest edition of 'Inside The Green Room' on NBC Sports Philadelphia.

"The original approach was to try and get him to buy in," explained Green. "We see him as a brother, we see him as family. We want him to still be a part of our team and we still feel we have a really good chance of winning with him."

Green went on to say if Simmons explained to the team why he wanted to be traded even after the team did everything they could to welcome him back, then he might better understand why he wants to be dealt.

"Those things never happened," Green stated.

Green also admitted that the team should look to find something to replicate what Simmons brings to the floor but admits, "that is very hard to find".

"He's a unicorn," Green said.  "He's a very special player. As much as people get on him and rag on him, he's a very good player, he's hard to replicate. There are very few players in this league that can do what he does."

He admitted that Morey and the Sixers front office have their hands full with this situation.

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