Its like déjà vu with Ben Simmons and shooting videos in the summer.

It wouldn't be a Sixers summer without a video emerging with Ben Simmons showing off his three-point shot.

Well, another summer and another video.

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In this new version, Simmons is showing a great stroke, working with Rajon Rondo.  Bother players are seen in the video working on their shot, with Simmons on the left wing on the catch-and-shoot.

The Simmons offseason story has been well documented, with trade rumors swirling, but nothing coming to fruition at the moment. An Adrian Wojnarowski report emerged last week suggesting the team "continues to canvass the league for Ben Simmons trades, but have "a steep asking price."

So far nothing has materialized, even though per Woj, a desire for a deal appears mutual, with Simmons' camp "in step with a move elsewhere."

If Simmons wanted to put something on video and have the fans actually care, it should be of him at the free-throw line.

Simmons was historically dreadful from the line in these playoffs, and needs to show the fans that he acknowledges that and is working on that.  Working on a 3-point shot, is great, but if your not going to use it in a game, its a waste of time.

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