Sixers fans are going to hear a plethora of potential trades involving Ben Simmons over the next few weeks and over the summer as the team figures out what the next step is for their imperfect star.

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With the NBA Draft coming up fast, NBA insiders laid out of pair of potential deals involving Simmons that would certainly change the complexion of the Sixers roster.

Philadelphia would balance and modernize its roster with Sexton, a 22-year-old, 24-point per game scorer who has shot 39% from beyond the arc in his NBA career and has improved considerably in each of his three seasons thus far. The Sixers would also add Love, a former NBA champion who would bring the type of floor spacing, dynamic passing and experience they sorely lacked in the frontcourt while playing behind and occasionally alongside Joel Embiid.

Sexton certainly gives the Sixers a talented scorer and is a player who is 38.5% from 3-point range in his three seasons in the league. Love could give the team some depth behind Tobias Harris off-the-bench, can also still shoot the three and is another veteran player who has won a title.

This is a "win right now" move for the 76ers, pairing MVP runner-up Joel Embiid with former MVP Westbrook to form one of the most aggressive combos in the NBA. The very fire and will to win that has made them adversaries would make them a devastating combo as teammates, both at the stage of their careers where winning a championship is the one accomplishment they have yet to achieve on the court. Westbrook shares many of Simmons' on-court positives as a strong floor general and rebounder from the backcourt who can physically overwhelm opponents, but the pressure he can apply as a scorer who attacks the paint on every possession would make life much easier for Embiid, Tobias HarrisSeth Curry and the rest of the 76ers' offense.

Adding Westbrook gives the Sixers someone who isn't afraid to take the ball to the basket, but isn't really a good shooter.  Westbrook and Joel Embiid, who certainly have an interesting history, would be an interesting pairing.  Westbrook isn't gun shy, but his 31% from 3-point range wouldn't help the team in that area and he is just 65% from the free-throw line.

So Sixers fans, do either of these deals excite you?

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