Should the Sixers move Ben Simmons by Thursday's NBA trade deadline?

Sixers fans all over the Delaware Valley are split, with some saying you have to get something now and take advantage of Joel Embiid's MVP caliber season and others saying remain patient, in hopes of getting a bigger haul in return for Simmons in the offseason.

At this point, there is no right or wrong answer, but everyone seems to have an opinion, that's for sure.

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On Monday Jay Williams of Keyshawn, JWIll & Max  on 97.3 ESPN gave Sixers President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey credit for holding on to Simmons and waiting for a better offer to come his way.

"I have to give Daryl Morey all the credit in the world," Williams said on Canty and Golic Jr. on Monday. "Daryl Morey is like I am not moving such a precious asset if I am not getting back what I deem to be value in return for it. When everyone is telling Daryl Morey you have to take .20 on the dollar, he is like no.  I'm never taking .20 on the dollar and I will wait until I get what I feel like I deserve for the value I have when it relates to Ben Simmons."

Many NBA people feel the Sixers can get a better deal in the offseason, due to less roster constraints and more available players, who could be available in a sign-and-trade situation, like James Harden among others.

Speaking of Harden, should the Sixers even want to make that deal?

Speaking on Tuesday's edition of First Take, Steven A. Smith asks that very question.

"He's older. Bigger. Slower. In all likelihood because of injuries," Smith stated. "Im not questioning his heart or his game, but he has been compromised. Do you really, really, really know what you're getting moving forward."

Former Sixers guard J.J. Redick also weighed in saying there is a concern there with Harden's hamstring, acknowledging that Harden has not looked right since he injured his hamstring.

Another former player, ESPN's Kendrick Perkins says Harden would want to play with Embiid

"If I'm James harden, I want to get traded, I want to go play with the big fellow (Embiid)." Perkins said. The leagues leading scorer, one of the most skilled big-men to ever play the game.  Hell yeah I want to go down to Philly and play with him.  Right now, the way the Sixers are playing, they have better culture. Better togetherness. If I'm James Harden, I definitely want to get traded and it makes sense for both parties. If i'm Brooklyn, I don't know if I am going to lose James Harden in the offseason, so why not get a Ben Simmons right now."

Harden is a free agent in the offseason and Simmons still has three years remaining on his deal.

So does a deal between Brooklyn and Philadelphia get done by 3 p.m. on Thursday? Stay tuned.

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