The NBA is full of drama.

We constantly hear about this player wanting to leave his current situation and team up with another player in a more glamorous city.

Ben Simmons Shoots a 3-Pointer vs Lakers" align="center"]

We really haven't heard much of that with the young Sixers - yet.

Today Lakers team president Magic Johnson,made some interesting comments, in regards to Sixers second-year guard Ben Simmons.

Johnson, speaking to the media before the Lakers matchup with the Sixers in Philadelphia, said Simmons has reached out to the Lakers organization to ask if he would be able to work out with Magic during the off-season.

"He reached out to me, not to me directly," Johnson said.  "To the Lakers, to find out if we could get together this summer.  I said you got to clear it with the league, and if everybody...the Sixers sign-off, we sign-off, there's nothing going on...but he wants to learn how to play the position as a big-guard, its fine - I will do that.  But if everyone doesn't sign off then we can't get together. "

Simmons is eligible to sign his rookie contract extension in July and if that doesn't happen, he will be a restricted free agent in July 2020.  At the time the Lakers would be able to make an offer for Simmons, but the Sixers would be able to match any offer they make.

One other scenario?

Simmons could ask for a trade.

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