Let's take a look at the most accomplished male athlete of each and every Cape-Atlantic League high school.

(We're working on the female list, so start sending them my way)

Currently the Cape-Atlantic League comprises 21 schools from Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland and Gloucester counties. It has developed into one of the most successful leagues in the State of New Jersey.

This isn't maybe the best player at that school, this is the player who went on to have the most success after their high playing career was over.

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This player maybe isn't the schools all-time leading scorer, but put that school on the map after their high days were done. This, of course, gives a distinct advantage to professional athletes who have reached the "major leagues" in their sport or played major Division I sports.

In no way is this to be assumed to be the best player to ever play at each particular schools.

So, here's the list. Please feel free to reach-out to me with any suggestions. I certainly may have missed someone along the way. I can be reached via email at Mike.Gill@townsquaremedia.com.

I did reach out to some of the areas top high school reporters for suggestions for this project, including Tom Williams, who has covered the CAL since 1961, of Prime Events, Mike McGarry, who has covered the league from the Press of Atlantic City since 1993 and Brian Cunniff, a sports writer and broadcaster who has covered Cape May County sports for more than 25 years.

I know this will be debated, which is fun, so please keep it fun!

If someone sends me a suggestion that merits a change, i'll certainly consider it!

Here is the list:

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