Just about every year for the last seven or so years Brooklyn Nets fans will start the "New York In Nets country now" discussion. Even though the New York Knicks haven't had the talent or success of the Nets over that time frame, New York is and always will be Knicks country! If you don't believe me just take a look at ticket sales for the NBA Playoffs.

Tickets to game one of the Knicks versus the Atlanta Hawks sold out in under an hour. Meanwhile, the Nets had to get superstar Point Guard James Harden to pay 50% of the price to get fans to buy Nets Vs Boston Celtics tickets.

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According to Empire Sports Media Knicks tickets on the secondary market, for as low as $217 and as high as $5,969 for first row seats, and Nets fans can still buy tickets for as low as $129 to as high as $529 for a lower bowl ticket at through Ticketmaster!

You sell out and bring in THREE of the biggest superstars in the NBA and you still can't sell tickets? While right down the road the REAL "Big 15" are selling out almost instantly? That's gotta sting! It does feel good to see the Knicks fans holler back to Julius Randle "WE HERE TOO"!


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